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Learn More About Garner, NC


The city of Garner first got started in 1847 when the railroad started coming through the area. In a tie-breaking vote in that same year, Garner was voted to be a railroad station along the North Carolina Railroad. Garner is the home town of Carl Franks, the running backs coach at the University of South Florida.
If you need legal services while you are in Garner, there are a number of qualified Garner lawyers in the area. These legal professionals are skilled in a number of legal areas including bankruptcy, tax, DUI, criminal defense, divorce, alimony, personal injury, automobile accidents, assault and more.
Several lawsuits have been filed against the company that was working on the gas lines in 2009 at the ConAgra food plant in Garner. The plant exploded during the work on the gas lines, killing three employees and injuring twelve others. According to some reports, a natural gas leak filled a building in the Garner facility which then exploded, causing the building to collapse on several employees of ConAgra.
When you are ready to file a lawsuit that arose in Garner, you will probably have to go to either the Superior Court of Wake County or the Wake County District Court. If you are instead going to court for a bankruptcy proceeding, you will instead have to report to the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina, which is located nearby in Raleigh and you may want to look at Raleigh lawyers instead. You will want to ensure that the attorney that you hire is familiar with all of these courts.
Finding a great Garner attorney can be very difficult and time consuming, but is here to help you. We offer you a free online service that can quickly and effectively match you to qualified attorneys in your area. We also pre-screen all of our attorneys that we work with to make sure they are in good standing with their respective bar associations.
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