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Learn More About Garland, TX

If it weren’t for Garland lawyers, Garland might not exist today. In 1850, the towns of Embree and Duck Creek were vying for control of the local post office. A local judge settled the dispute by placing the post office in between the two towns. A community sprang up around the post office, which became known as Garland, after local Texas attorney and then United States Attorney General Augustus Garland.

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Garland lawyers practice in the Dallas County court system. Attorneys in Garland are familiar with criminal law, personal injury, real estate, wills and trusts, and numerous other legal fields. Dallas County recently settled a lawsuit filed against the county’s jails in 2004. Mentally ill prisoners accused the jails of failing to give them necessary medication as well as other abuses. One inmate nearly died of thirst when his cell’s water was shut off. The county settled with the inmates families for almost $1 million.

Lawyers practicing in Garland are familiar with Dallas County’s Criminal, Juvenile, and Civil courts. Attorneys throughout Texas are licensed to practice anywhere in the state, but only Dallas County lawyers will be familiar with the local rules and procedures of the local courts. Local Garland attorneys also will know the court staff and other attorneys in the area, knowledge which could come in handy with your case.

If you need a Garland lawyer, LegalMatch can help. Our free service can match you with a local attorney in Garland who is familiar with your type of issue. Simply tell about your case, and our confidential service will bring the attorneys to you.

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