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Learn More About Friendswood, TX

Perhaps because of its affluent population or its excellent schools, Money magazine named Friendswood one of the top 100 places to live in the United States in 2008. Originally founded as a Quaker colony in 1895, the population has since diversified and grown; but Friendswood is still the Houston area Quaker headquarters. Friendswood prides itself on its low crime rate, its welcoming atmosphere, large trees, beautiful parks, and its hometown atmosphere.

Friendswood TX Lawyers - Friendswood Attorneys

If you are involved in a lawsuit in Friendswood, you should contact a Friendswood lawyer. These skilled attorneys are available to represent you in any legal matter including personal injury, divorce, tax, bankruptcy, DUI/DWI, business law, estate planning, and many others.  Several Houston lawyers regularly refer clients to Friendswood attorneys when they cannot personally handle certain cases.

In a recent lawsuit, Ticketmaster sued a Friendswood councilman, alleging that the councilman was using software that allowed him to buy thousands of tickets from Ticketmaster before the general public could buy any. Ticketmaster argued that by doing so, this allowed the Friendswood councilman to artificially inflate the price of the tickets on his ticket-sale website. The Friendswood councilman agreed to the injunction that Ticketmaster sought in its lawsuit, asserting that he never used the software, so agreeing not to use it was no loss to him.

Friendswood has its own municipal court, which hears minor criminal cases as well as limited civil cases. In the nearby city of Galveston, there are a number of district courts, which hear most criminal and civil cases in the state. If you have a lawsuit in Friendswood, you may be required to report to the municipal court, or travel to one of the district courts nearby. All of the local attorneys in Friendswood are experienced in these courts, and it would be to your advantage to hire one of them.

If you need help finding a local Friendswood attorney, you should visit LegalMatch. Here at LegalMatch, we are dedicated to matching you up with qualified attorneys that are excited about representing you. Choosing the right lawyer is an important decision, don’t go at it alone!

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