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Fresno County is located in the heart of California. When the settlers first showed up, the landscape was barren and dusty. However, after years of digging irrigation systems, Fresno County became a lush agricultural society and many orchards and vineyards sprang up. Today, visitors often travel along the Fresno County Blossom Trail to see all of the orchards in full bloom.

If you think that you may be involved in a lawsuit in Fresno County, you will want to speak with one of many experienced Fresno County lawyers in the area. These attorneys often practice in areas of law including personal injury, bankruptcy, DUI, divorce, child custody, burglary, automobile accidents, contracts, and many more.

In 2008, the 3M Company settled a lawsuit in Fresno County where the company agreed to pay $700,000 over a discrepancy in its scotch tape width. The Fresno County prosecutors made the argument that 3M was in violation of the state and federal Fair Packaging and Labeling Act when it advertised the tape to be 1 inch wide when in fact it was only .94 inches wide, a 6% discrepancy. The prosecutors showed this 6% discrepancy across a wide range of 3M tape products. Without admitting liability, 3M agreed to the settlement.

Fresno County is served by the Superior Court of California County of Fresno which has the jurisdiction to hear all types of cases. This court is governed by the local rules of court that apply in Fresno County. Having an attorney that knows these local rules is important for your case.

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