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Freeport, NY lies on the south shore of Long Island in southwestern Nassau County. Settled during colonial times, Freeport was originally part of the area known as the "Great South Woods. The city was renamed Freeport in 1853 after the nickname sea captains gave to ports without customs duties charges. The city became a major maritime center in the 19th and 20th century supported by oyster harvesting. Today, Freeport remains one of the most active commercial fishing centers near New York City, with a population of 43,500 residents.
If you have a legal issue that arises, you may require the help of a Freeport lawyer. Freeport lawyers have experience dealing with a wide variety of legal issues, including immigration, business, employment, real estate, personal injury, medical malpractice, and wills trusts and estates.
Freeport lawyers were recently involved in bringing a lawsuit to protect a local resident's right to bear arms. Resident Gabriel Razzano claimed that one day after visiting the office of Congressional Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, an outspoken gun-control advocate, police illegally raided his home and seized two-dozen legally owned weapons. Carolyn McCarty's office claimed that Razzano was acting in a disruptive and threatening manner during his visit. Razzano is seeking $5 million in damages from the Nassau Police Department and Rep. McCarthy for violating his constitutional rights.
Freeport, NY is part of the New York State Unified Court System. Freeport attorneys may file your case in the Nassau County, District, or Supreme Courts, the 2nd Appellate Division, or the NY Court of Appeals. Freeport lawyers can inform you of any special rules and procedures of these courts.
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