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Freeport is a city in and the county seat of Stephenson County, located in the northern part of Illinois. Originally, the town was called Winneshiek. However, the city renamed itself when it incorporated and took its name from a local merchant who was running a free port near the Pecatonica River.

Freeport IL Lawyers

If you are involved in a lawsuit in Freeport, you should strongly consider consulting with one of the experienced Freeport lawyers. These attorneys can represent you in areas of law such as DUI, divorce, alimony, child custody, business, tax, personal injury, employment discrimination, criminal defense, and many others.
A settlement from an automobile accident that happened near Freeport was recently reached between both sides of the case. The accident that occurred near Freeport occurred when the driver of a Grand Marquis lost control and caused a three car accident. The driver of one of the other cars sued the driver of the Grand Marquis, who happened to be a local appellate judge. The personal injury lawsuit recently settled for more than $2 million.
If you need to file your lawsuit that arose in Freeport, you will probably have to go to the Stephenson County Courthouse which houses the Stephenson County Circuit Court. In addition, the Clerk of Court for Stephenson County is located is Freeport. Going to court can be intimidating at times, which is why it is helpful to have a local attorney by your side to keep you calm.
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