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Foster City is a town located in San Mateo County right on the outskirts of Silicon Valley. Foster City was named after T. Jack Forester who owned a large estate in the land and was instrumental to the city’s design and development. The total area is 16.1 miles but the city’s residents occupy only 3.8 miles since much of Foster City’s area is water. The population is very diverse with a racial makeup of less than 60% White and over 30% Asian. The median household income for Foster City residents is $102,363.

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Foster City lawyers practice law in a wide variety of fields. Attorneys are available for cases in family law, business law, criminal law, immigration and real estate, among others.

A criminal case arose in Foster City in which a man received a year in jail after his ninth drunk driving incident. In one incident, the defendant was arrested for driving under the influence only a few hours before he was to stand trial for a previous DUI offense. The defendant was facing a maximum of 8 years in prison for this offense.

Cases of this nature will originally be filed in the San Mateo Superior Court. It is important to have an attorney that is well versed in the law and has experience with the local San Mateo court system.

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