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Learn More About Florida Suncoast

The Suncoast is the name for peninsular Florida between Tarpon Springs and Naples. The Suncoast, also seen as Sun Coast, includes the Tampa Bay region and is pushed by local governments and businesses to replace the previous name for the area, Pirate Coast.


The Florida Suncoast plays host to a number of lawyers who are familiar with local court procedures. Lawyers in the Florida Suncoast take many different kinds of cases, some normal examples include: bankruptcy, wrongful termination, real estate, divorce, and criminal cases like Felony or DUI charges.
Recently in the Florida Suncoast, SaQuanda Tamika Simon was shot dead while holding her 18-month-old baby. Her boyfriend and twin babies’ father, Cedrick Bontray Salter, has been summoned on first degree murder charges as well as armed burglary. Salter allegedly burst into Simon’s mother’s home and shot her twice in front of a number of her family members.
If you have a restraining order to file, you are likely to visit a Florida Suncoast court. Florida has two trial level courts with which to file cases. The County Courts are the lowest trial level courts and handle some small claims and traffic cases among others. Florida Circuit Courts handle many different cases like domestic relations and DUI. It’s best to consult a Suncoast lawyer before filing your case.
LegalMatch is the finest way to find a respectable lawyer in the Florida Suncoast. LegalMatch’s LegalCenter offers great starting points like Forums on every law topic from family law to business. If you have a term or case question, check out the LegalMatch Law Library.
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