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The largest city in Boone County, Florence, Kentucky was once known as the “crossroads.” Today, Florence is a thriving community of 23,000 residents. Attractions in Florence include the Florence Speedway, Dinsmore Homestead historic site, and Big Bone Lick State Park. Florence is also the site of the “Florence Y’all” water tower. Donated by mall developers in 1974, the tower was painted to advertise the upcoming unconstructed Florence mall. Without the mall the tower violated highway regulations- the city painted over the “M” turning it to a “Y” to avoid penalty. It was never painted back.
If you have a legal issue, you may need the assistance of a Florence lawyer.  Florence lawyers can help with such legal matters as business, employment, real estate, personal injury, medical malpractice, wills trusts and estates, and any others you may face.
Attorneys in Florence defended a local drug manufacturer against a wrongful death lawsuit. Plaintiffs claimed that the drug Adderall triggered a psychotic episode in a woman while driving, causing her injury and the death of her son, a passenger in the car. Plaintiffs alleged that the Florence manufacturer was negligent in producing and marketing the product due to its known side effects which contributed to her accident.
Courts in Kentucky are organized as limited jurisdiction district courts, general jurisdiction circuit courts, a Court of Appeals, and a Supreme Court. Attorneys in Florence may file a case in the 54th District Court, 54th Circuit Court, the Kentucky Court of Appeals, or the Kentucky Supreme Court. A local Florence attorney can help you determine the best venue for your case.
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