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Ferry Pass is located in Escambia County and is home to 27,000 Florida Panhandle residents. Ferry Pass was listed in CNN/Money Magazine’s 25 best places for affordable homes. Ferry Pass residents frequent local attractions like the Scenis Hills Golf and Country Club, Cordova Lanes Bowling Center, and the Silver Screen Theatre.

Ferry Pass FL Lawyers

Some Ferry Pass residents are lawyers who are familiar with Escambia County courts and procedures. Lawyers in Ferry Pass litigate many different cases, some examples include bankruptcy, civil lawsuits, real estate, probate, criminal, and divorce cases such as child custody and support issues.
Recently in Ferry Pass, a fire broke out in a local apartment complex on Stonebrook Drive. Emergency personnel arrived on the scene to reports that people were still inside. The fire started in the kitchen of a lower unit that did not have a working smoke detector. Thankfully, the only serious injury was a 25 year old woman who had suffered from a heart attack but the fire is still under investigation.
If you have a case to file in Ferry Pass than you will probably be visiting the First Judicial Circuit Court. Florida Circuit Courts are responsible for hearing all mental health, probate, civil appeals, domestic relations, felony, and criminal appeals cases but also take a wide range of other cases like real property and miscellaneous civil lawsuits.
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