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Fayette County plays host to a number of historic and natural points of interest including the Lexington Cemetery which is the burial place of a number of historic United States figures like George Madison Adams and John Cabell Breckinridge. Fayette County is named after Marquis de Lafayette who aided America during the American Revolutionary War . Today, the county is home to about 282,000 Kentucky residents, which includes several prominent Lexington lawyers.

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Fayette County also plays host to a number of lawyers who are familiar with local and neighboring court procedures. Lawyers in Fayette County take on a vast selection of cases, some typical examples include chapter 13 bankruptcy, green car immigration, child custody, DUI, and wrongful termination lawsuits.
Fayette County Public Middle-Schools Director Michael Ernst has resigned after being indicted for supplying two potential school principal candidates with district committee screening questions and answers. One of the people who received the list was Crawford Middle School associate principal Michael Bayless who scored high in front of the selection committee but has since been demoted to classroom teacher and served 10 unpaid suspension days. Bayless has also agreed in a letter to Fayette County that he will not apply for any school administrative positions in the future.
If you have a wrongful termination case in Fayette County, you will probably be visiting the Fayette County District Court in Lexington. The District Court is responsible for hearing many different kinds of cases like real property, probate, and civil but retain exclusive jurisdiction over mental health, small claims up to $1,500 and traffic violations. The Fayette County Circuit Court has overlapping jurisdiction with district courts, however, Circuit Courts retain exclusive jurisdiction over civil appeals, felony trials, and criminal appeals.
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