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Farmington is regarded as one of the “preppiest” suburbs according to the “Official Preppy Handbook” but hold your ascot; Farmington is also home to the 50,000 square foot mansion that boxer Mike Tyson sold to rapper 50 Cent, who dubbed the estate “the Playboy mansion of the East.” The Austin F. Williams Carriage house, as well as the First Church of Christ also call Farmington home.

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With such diversity and history, there’s no wonder why Farmington lawyers are some of the most notable in Hartford County. Lawyers in Farmington can handle any legal matter, including criminal cases like drunk driving, employment law disputes like wrongful terminations, and family matters like divorces and child support.
Recently in Farmington, ConnectiCare’s rent for its large office space increased drastically after the property was sold by Farmington Route 6 Land LLC. This led the company to file a lawsuit against the new owners, Farmington Realty LLC. ConnectiCare requested the rent difference from the past two years to be reimbursed in addition to interest. Ultimately, the company lost the case, and Farmington’s Assessment Appeals Board denied the subsequent appeal.
If you are planning on filing in Farmington you will probably be filing with one of the Hartford County Superior Court Divisions which include: Civil, Criminal, Family, and Juvenile Divisions. If you are a minor that has been charged with a crime in Farmington or surrounding Hartford County, you are under the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court Division. It is important for you to retain one of the best Farmington lawyers regardless of your case; the surest way to find them is with LegalMatch.
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