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With roots dating back to the 1600s, it is no wonder that today the city of Falmouth is a great place to be. It is well known as the terminal for the ferries that take passengers to Martha’s Vineyard, as well as being home to some of the greatest scientific organizations in the world such as the Wood’s Hole Oceanographic Institution, and the Marine Biological Laboratory.

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If you are facing legal charges in Falmouth, you should probably speak to one of the many talented Falmouth lawyers in the area that are ready to assist you. These attorneys regularly represent their clients in many different legal issues including personal injury, business, contracts, employment discrimination, worker’s compensation, tax, divorce, alimony, wills and estates, and more.
A Falmouth lawyer and resident is considering a lawsuit against the cities that make up Cape Cod to force them to construct a multi-billion dollar sewage treatment plant. The lawyer has lived in Falmouth for 12 years, and has seen the pollution off of the Cape in the waters. He says that he sees trash and human waste every day. As a long time environmental activist and lawyer, the Falmouth man sees it as his duty to get the residents of Cape Cod to band together and let their elected officials that they do not want to see their natural resources destroyed by inadequate sewage treatment.
Local Falmouth lawyers regularly practice in the Falmouth District Court, which has the power to hear many civil and most criminal cases. If your lawsuit arose in Falmouth, you will likely have to report to this court.  
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