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Fairborn is a city in Greene County and home to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Residents and visitors of Fairborn enjoy the United States Air Force Museum and Hall of Fame, the Irwin J. Nutter Center, and the Huffman Prairie Flying Field where the Wright brothers tested various aircraft.

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With such rich history, there should be no surprise to find that some lawyers reside in Fairborn. Lawyers in Fairborn can help no matter what your legal need may be, including criminal defense, divorce, child custody, wills and trusts, or a contract dispute.

Recently in Fairborn, parolee Michael A. Cummins filed a lawsuit against his parole officer Rochelle Burnette claiming that she failed to pass along restitution fees paid to her by parolees. Upon an internal investigation that culminated in Burnette’s resignation, Ohio State auditors in Fairborn found $23,257 missing from restitution funds but failed to file charges against Burnette.

Fairborn Municipal Court is where you are likely to be filing if you live in Fairborn. The Fairborn Municipal Court handles preliminary felony hearings, misdemeanors, and civil cases that do not exceed $15,000. For felony criminal cases you must travel to the Greene County Common Pleas Court in the city of Xenia. It is important to have the best representation and someone familiar with local Fairborn courts during court proceedings.

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