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Fair Oaks Ranch was originally comprised of several tracts of land owned by Ralph Fair, who operated a ranch and racehorse operation on the premises. In 1975, after Mr. and Mrs. Fair passed away, the Fair family dedicated a portion of his ranch as a residential community. In 1988, Fair Oaks Ranch incorporated, and today it is home to approximately 4,700 residents. Fair Oaks Ranch lies within Kendall, Bexar and Comal Counties, and it is a vital part of the San Antonio Metropolitan Statistical Area. 

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The Fair Oaks Ranch Municipal Court hears cases involving violations of City ordinances as well as the penal statutes of Texas. The Fair Oaks Ranch Municipal Court is responsible for hearing ordinance violations and all class C misdemeanor traffic violations issued by the Fair Oaks Ranch Police Department. Residents of Fair Oaks Ranch are also served by the Kendall County Courts, Bexar County Courts, and the Comal County Courts.

Under Texas law, district judges have authority to fill unexpired terms of district clerks when vacancies arise. Recently, 216th District Judge Keith Williams swore in Deputy Clerk Kay Pugh as the new Kendall County District Clerk. In Texas, district clerks act as record keepers for district and county courts at law; clerks also enter judgments at the judges’ direction and record attorney legal filings. 

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