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Elmwood Park is a village that is just northwest of Chicago, Illinois. Elmwood Park is home to 25,000 Cook County residents that have historically been Italian-Americans, however, there has been a recent influx of Polish and Hispanic residents. The village is popular among families; married couples comprise nearly 50% of Elmwood Park residents.

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Another growing population in Elwood Park is among lawyers. Lawyers in Elmwood Park counsel their clients on a variety of cases, some typical examples include wrongful termination, bankruptcy, child custody, auto injury, and criminal cases like DUI and felony charges.
Recently, an Elmwood Park newspaper delivery man named Robert Montanez was found shot twice in the head in the Bonnockburn neighborhood. Investigators speculate that Montanez’s body was driven there since he had no connection to the area and was found just a couple hundred yards from the highway in a cul-de-sac. Elmwood Park residents and Cook County officers are working in conjunction with Lake County Sheriffs to track down possible suspects and leads.
If you have a divorce to file in Elmwood Park, the Cook County Circuit Court will probably be the court with which you will file. Circuit courts retain jurisdiction over most cases like civil, criminal, tort, contract, small claims, and traffic cases. If you have an issue with an immigration visa or wish to apply for citizenship, the U.S. Immigration Court in Chicago is responsible for handling immigration issues.
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