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Elk Grove Village is a municipality in Cook County, Illinois. Elk Grove Village was the first municipality in Illinois to ban smoking in public. Residents recently celebrated the Elk Grove Village 50th Anniversary. Elk are not native to the Elk Grove Village and were actually brought from Montana and released into what is now called Busse Woods Forest Preserve. 

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A number of Elk Grove Village residents are practicing lawyers who are ready to tackle any legal issue that you may face. Lawyers in Elk Grove Village take a diverse selection of case, some examples are: wrongful termination, DUI, child custody, automobile injury, and bankruptcy cases including Chapters 7 and 13 bankruptcy.
Recently, Elk Grove Village resident Dennis Woods was crushed to death while working in the Elk Grove Industrial Park. Woods was instantly killed when an 18,500 pound aluminum coil fell from a piece of machinery at the metal finishing company. Elk Grove Village Fire and Police responded to the incident but it was too late. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration are conducting an investigation.
If you have a wrongful death or termination case in Elk Grove Village, it’s most likely that you will file with the Cook County Circuit Court. Illinois Circuit Courts are the only trial level court with which you may file and retain exclusive jurisdiction over most cases that arise in the area like family law cases, real estate, civil, criminal, traffic, and probate cases to name a few.
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