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American roots in East Providence go back to the Mayflower. The settlers that landed at Plymouth Rock also purchased the land now comprising East Providence from local Native American tribes. These purchases eventually became much of what is now known as Northern Rhode Island and East Providence. Primarily an industrial and farming town, East Providence is now redeveloping its waterfront and modernizing its infrastructure for the 21st century.

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East Providence lawyers can help you with any legal issue you are facing, including personal injury, real estate, bankruptcy, criminal defense, wills and trusts, and many more.

Attorneys in East Providence are currently battling a major lawsuit in Providence County's Superior Court. The School District is slashing salaries and benefits for their teachers, a move the teacher's union appealed to the state labor board. The District is now asking the court to remove the state labor board from the case, saying that laws requiring them to run in the black trump any employment contracts that teachers may have with the state. The outcome of the suit could have a major effect on East Providence schools.

Your East Providence attorney should be familiar with how to navigate courts in Providence County. The Providence State District Court, Family Court, County Superior Court, and Rhode Island’s court of last resort, the Supreme Court are all located within Providence County. If you have a case in East Providence, it is likely you will end up in one of these courts.

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