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Learn More About East Point, GA

The city of East Point is a neighboring city to Atlanta. They city derived its name for being at the opposite end of the Atlanta & West Point Railroad from West Point, GA. East Point was originally formed by 16 families, but quickly grew and today has a population of over 40,000.

East Point GA Lawyers

With so much going on in East Point, it is no wonder that there are so many talented East Point lawyers who are eager to assist you in any legal situation that you may be involved in. These attorneys are versed in many areas of law including personal injury, product liability, DUI, tax, bankruptcy, intellectual property, real estate, civil rights, and more.
An alleged carjacker was recently arrested after crashing the car that he allegedly stole in East Point. According to the police, the arrested man carjacked a driver in East Point recently, but the police were able to track him down while he was still driving the stolen car. After the man began driving erratically, the police officers that were in pursuit backed off so as to not create a public danger. However, the carjacker still crashed the car and was arrested when the police showed up at the scene of the accident.
As mentioned before, East Point is very close to Atlanta, which is not only the capital of Georgia but also home to the State’s Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals and the Fulton County Superior Court, making East Point an ideal place to find experienced attorneys. If you have a case that requires you to go to any of these courts, you will want a local lawyer that is well versed in the local laws. is here to help you find a great East Park lawyer. We offer a free service that will pair your specific needs to attorneys that are skilled in the appropriate areas of law and who want to resolve your legal problem. Every attorney you will find on LegalMatch is in good standing and is eager to work on cases just like yours.
For further information regarding the legal scene in East Point, please feel free to visit these external links:
·        State Bar of Georgia
·        Georgia State University Law Library
·        Judicial Branch of Georgia


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