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East Orange became a township of Essex County in 1863 and was incorporated as a city in 1899. Members of the Fugees, Queen Litifah, and Whitney Houston all live in East Orange and enjoy the parks, cultural events, and Urban Enterprise Zone which boasts a 3.5% tax to boost commerce instead of the 7% statewide standard tax.
East Orange is home to many qualified lawyers who are experienced with many different kinds of cases, some examples include: workplace disputes, personal injury, child support, chapter 13 bankruptcy, as well as will and trust cases. Lawyers in East Orange are familiar with local Essex County court procedures and are able to help you solve any legal dilemma.
Tonya Jones is an amature boxer from East Orange who was stopped while driving her sister’s car with a suspended license, a misdemeanor charge that she doesn’t deny; however, Tonya Jones of East Orange was mistaken for a parole violator named Tanya Jones who often misspelled her name. Jones of East Orange continuously told officers she was innocent but spent 15 days in Rikers Island. Jones has now filed an $18 million lawsuit in U.S. District Court against the state of New York.
If you are thinking of filing a lawsuit in East Orange, you’ll probably visit the Civil Division of the Essex Vicinage. Divorces, child custody, and child support are handled by the Family Division with other domestic issues; however, some domestic violence cases are heard by the Criminal Division. The East Orange Municipal Court handles preliminary felony and misdemeanor hearings as well as retaining exclusive jurisdiction over traffic and ordinance violations issued by city and state agencies.
With any case, it’s best to hire a seasoned professional like an East Orange lawyer. LegalMatch is an easy and free method of pairing yourself with an East Orange lawyer who is guaranteed to be New Jersey State Bar Association certified. LegalMatch can also help you research your case with their online law library and forums section.
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