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East Chicago is a great city that is located in the north-west corner of Indiana. There have been many famous people that have called East Chicago home at some point in their lives. For instance, Kenny Lofton, the former Major League Baseball star outfielder was born in East Chicago. In addition, the decorated mixed martial artist Miguel Torres was also born there.

East Chicago IN Lawyers

If you need to find an attorney in East Chicago, there are many talented East Chicago lawyers to choose from. These legal professionals regularly represent their clients in many areas of law including DUI, automobile accidents, personal injury, criminal defense, divorce, child custody and more.

Recently, the Indiana State Supreme Court agreed to hear arguments in a case that will decide whether some of the revenue from an East Chicago casino that had been earmarked for economic development should go to a nonprofit corporation or the city of East Chicago. The lawsuit contends that the money that previously went to the non-profit foundations had been squandered on bloated salaries and overhead expenses. The court of appeals that most recently heard the case decided in favor of the city of East Chicago.

If you have a lawsuit that arose in East Chicago, there are a number of courts that your case may go to. For instance, the East Chicago City Court can hear minor claims as well as traffic cases. If your case is larger than what the city court normally handles, you will likely have to report to one of the divisions of the Lake County Superior Court, which has divisions for family, civil and criminal cases. The local attorneys regularly attend these courts and can represent you there.

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