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Durham is the fifth most populous state in North Carolina, with about 218,000 residents.  Durham is the county seat of Durham County, but also reaches into Wake and Orange counties.  Durham residents enjoy access to a large number of cultural events, including jazz and blues festivals, symphony performances, and art shows.  Many people in Durham also attend baseball games played by the Durham Bulls, a triple-A baseball team made famous in the 1988 movie, Bull Durham.  Additionally, one of the most prestigious private universities in the U.S., Duke University, is located in Durham. 

Durhan NC Lawyers - Attorneys in Durhan NCOriginally, Durham’s economy was dominated by the tobacco industry, and was even known as “Bull City” during the 1800s after Blackwell Tobacco Company’s “Bull” Durham Tobacco.  After Research Triangle Park was built in the 1950s, Durham also became well known for its medical, pharmaceutical, and information technology industries. 

Recently, Mike Ashe, elections director for Durham County, asked North Carolina elections administrators to investigate a number of voter registration forms for evidence of fraud.  They were just some of the approximately 4,000 forms submitted to Ashe’s office over the past month by the leftist political group, Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, also known as “Acorn.”  Ashe stated that the forms will be handed over to the State Board of Elections for further investigation. 

Durham lawyers are required to join the Fourteenth Judicial District Bar, which offers continuing legal education and publishes a monthly newsletter, The Durham Docket.  Durham lawyers also have the option to join the Durham County Bar Association and the North Carolina Bar Association, both of which provide its members with numerous networking and volunteer opportunities. 

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