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Learn More About Downey, CA

About Downey, California

Downey is home to about 108,000 Los Angeles County residents who enjoy access to the first Taco Bell that was opened in March 1962 and the third ever McDonald’s restaurant which was constructed in 1953. Downey is also where a number of popular musicians come from including the Carpenters, James Hetfield of Metallica, and Donavon Franenreiter. Other important California cities near Downey include Los Angeles, Norwalk, Bell Gardens, Whittier, and Huntington.

Downey is home to a number of lawyers who are well acquainted with Los Angeles County court procedures. Lawyers in Downey admit an assorted variety of cases including chapter 13 bankruptcy, divorce, real estate, personal injury, and breach of contract cases.

In the News: The Downey Firemen Association has recently filed a tort action against the city of Downey and the city’s mayor, fire chief, manager, and council members on behalf of its 49 members. The firemen that belong to the association allege that Downey Fire Chief Lonnie Croom has been harassing and and discriminating against them in retaliation for giving him a vote of no confidence. Downey and the other defendants are being sued for permitting Mr. Croom’s negative behavior to continue despite being aware of his behavior.

If you are planning on filing a motion in Downey, you will likely be visiting the Los Angeles County Superior Court and file with the Civil Division. The Los Angeles Superior Court has many different divisions with which to file. For example, domestic issues like divorces, child custody issues, and child support cases are all heard by the Family Division. Pending criminal charges are a bit different in that they will earn you a summons to the Criminal Division of the superior court.

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