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Dona Ana County is home to about 175,000 New Mexican residents. The largest city and Dona Ana County seat is Las Cruces, which has been consistently ranked in the fastest growing cities in the United States.
Dona Ana County NM LawyersAlthough Dona Ana County is known for its rural lifestyle, a number of talented lawyers also call it home.   in Dona Ana County accept an assorted selection of cases like child support, DUI, automobile injury, real estate matters, and drafting wills and trusts.
Recently in Dona Ana, Anthony residents were targeted by Dona Ana County Code Enforcement Task Force members issuing citations. Residents were fined on everything from ill groomed pets to shabby looking yards with citations costing up to $300. Dona Ana County officials said it was part of their new proactive approach, but many residents felt either that Anthony had been singled out or that the county was just trying to drum up revenue.
If you want to fight an ordinance violation or speeding citation in Dona Ana County, you are most likely to visit a Municipal Court. Domestic issues like divorce and child custody, criminal, civil, mental health and juvenile cases fall under the jurisdiction of the Third Judicial District Court in Las Cruces.
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