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Learn More About Deltona, FL

Deltona is famous for being the home to Twiggy, the waterskiing squirrel. Twiggy isn’t the only Deltona resident though; Deltona is the residence to about 86,000 Volusia County citizens that enjoy their home in the Fun Coast Region of Florida. Deltona was largely a bedroom community to Orlando; however, since its incorporation in 1995 Deltona has seen much urban growth with the development of new routes and shopping centers within the town.

Deltona FL Lawyers

A number of gifted lawyers also call Deltona home. Lawyers in Deltona admit a diverse spectrum of cases; some characteristic examples include: bankruptcy, breach of contract, real estate, wrongful termination, and personal injury cases.
Recently in Deltona, two senior citizens got in an argument that sent one to the hospital and one to jail. Joseph Strauch is 82 years old and was picked up by the Deltona Police after his 72 year old live-in girlfriend, Lillian Keller, phoned 911 because she was allegedly beaten and choked by Strauch after she loaded the dishwasher incorrectly. This is Strauch’s second charge of battery on a person over 65. In 2005, Strauch was jailed for one day and paid $542 for punching another man in a Wal-Mart line. He is currently being held in Volusia Branch Jail on $5,000 bail.
If you have a domestic relations issue in Deltona, you will likely be visiting the Family Division of the 7th Judicial District Circuit Court. Pending criminal charges will earn you a summons from the circuit court’s Criminal Division. It is important that you file with the correct jurisdictional court and division to ensure that you do not lose time and money from refilling.
By consulting a Deltona lawyer you will not have to work about all of the rigid procedural filings and motions involved with a case. LegalMatch is the most comprehensive method of find a knowledgeable Deltona lawyer. LegalMatch is the place to go for solving any legal issue you may face but before you select a lawyer, check out our helpful legal tips.
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