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Learn More About Davis County, UT

Davis is the smallest county in Utah and was named after a captain in the Mormon Battalion, Daniel C. Davis. Davis County is best known by residents as the home of Lagoon Amusement Park that is located in Farmington. Davis County is a largely bedroom community to Salt Lake County although 12% of the residents are employed by the Hill Air Force Base, a predominant feature of the Davis County landscape.

Davis County UT Lawyers

Davis County is home to a number of lawyers who admit a diverse selection of cases; some typical examples include: real estate, child custody, wrongful termination, estate administration, and personal injury cases. Lawyers in Davis County will help you solve any legal dilemma that you may face.
Recently in Davis County, a $150,000 Federal Grant to the Utah Highway Patrol will fund an estimated 40 to 45 more shifts for officers to patrol major thoroughfares and school zones. The increased number of shifts is aimed at slowing drivers down so the number of fatal collisions is reduced. About 42,500 people die each year in fatal automobile collisions while another 6.4 million are implicated in everyday accidents.
If you have been involved in an automobile accident or have a personal injury claim, you may want to consult a Davis County lawyer today. Traffic violations and small claims that don’t exceed $7,500 are heard by the Davis County Justice Courts but most cases like divorce, criminal, and civil disputes fall under the jurisdiction of the Davis County Second Judicial District Court in Ogden.
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