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Danville is the seat of Vermillion County and home to 34,000 Illinois residents. Danville plays host to 17 parks and the Danville Village Mall which boasts some of the top shopping in the area. Danville has played host to notables like Dick Van Dyke and Gene Hackman among other stage, screen, and sports notables.

Danville IL Lawyers

A number of Danville locals are also lawyers. Lawyers in Danville counsel their clients on a diverse selection of cases like bankruptcy, child support, wrongful termination, medical malpractice, and green card immigration among others.
A recent lawsuit filed by a Danville man alleges that Zip Car Inc. is making money off of fraudulent and capricious fees that are not proportionate to the cost associated with the services. Examples named in the lawsuit include a $3.50 charge for reporting to a customer service representative, fees for returning cars late, forcing customers to rent the car for an hour if they lose items inside, and an inactivity fee that costs $20 each month.
If you have a civil case to file in Danville, you will be visiting the Vermillion County Circuit Court which retains exclusive jurisdiction over civil, small claims, domestic relations, juvenile, criminal, traffic and other violations. Circuit courts in Illinois are the only trial level court with which you may file and handle most cases that arise in the Danville area. The U.S. Immigration Court in Chicago is responsible for hearing immigration issues like green card and visa issues.
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