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Danvers is an Essex County town in Massachusetts. Many people visit Danvers because of its history with the 1962 Salem Witch Trials. More recently, Danvers made the news when the Arnel Company and CAI Inc. plant exploded harming a number of homes in the area. Danvers also plays host to the Endicott Pear Tree which is touted as the oldest living fruit tree in the United States.

Danvers MA Lawyers

A number of Danvers residents are also qualified lawyers who are familiar with local court procedures. Lawyers in Danvers advise on many different kinds of cases, some typical examples include bankruptcy, child support, real estate, DUI, and malpractice cases.
Recently near Danvers, Essex County officers arrested Ronny Ramos (who attended Lawrence High School) in connection with the robbery and murder of Thu Nguyen while he was delivering food. Ramos is the second person arrested in connection with the murder and will be held without bail like his friend Daniel Lee Lopez Jr. who has already pleaded not guilty. The police chief did not stipulate if Nguyen’s death was a robbery or solely an act of violence; however, he did say that Massachusetts law calls for murder charges in instances when a death happens during the course of a felony. The felony is this case: robbery.
If you have a case to file in Danvers, the Essex County Superior Court will likely be the location at which you file. Superior courts are the highest trial level courts with which to file in Massachusetts. Superior courts are responsible for hearing many different kinds of cases like civil, criminal, probate, contract, real property, and appeals cases. The Lawrence District Court can handle small claims cases that do not exceed $2,000, mental health, restraining orders, juvenile, and traffic cases among others.
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