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Dane County is the second most populous county in Wisconsin and was named after Nathan Dane who helped carve the state out of the Northwest Territory. Dane County is home to the University of Wisconsin Madison which is the flagship of the University of Wisconsin System and enrolls almost 40,000 students.
If you are facing legal charges in Dane County, there are many Dane County lawyers who are ready to assist you. These attorneys regularly practice in areas of law such as personal injury, contracts, bankruptcy, DUI, criminal defense, divorce, child custody, employment, civil rights, and many more.
In April 2008, a student at the University of Wisconsin Madison was stabbed to death in her apartment and discovered hours later by her boyfriend. Recently, the family of the slain student filed a lawsuit against Dane County and the 911 call center operator that hung up on the call that she received from the slain student on the night of her murder. The lawsuit alleges that the student called the 911 center and her call was received and hung up on about 90 seconds later. According to protocol for the center, the operator is supposed to try to call the number back, and if that fails, send police to the location of the call. On this night, the Dane County employee did nothing but forget the call. The family is now suing the county and operator seeking damages.
If your case arose in Dane County, you will probably report to the Dane County Circuit Court. The local attorneys regularly practice in this court and can really help your case out with their knowledge about this venue.
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