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Cutler Bay is a Miami-Dade County city that was recently incorporated. Cutler Bay is home to 24,000 Florida residents which enjoy easy access to the Southland Mall which is one of the most popular shopping centers in Cutler Bay. Most recently, Cutler Bay was heavily flooded by Hurricane Katrina weather.

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A number of locals are also reputable Cutler Bay lawyers. Lawyers in Cutler Bay advise on a diverse selection of cases including Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy, malpractice, wrongful termination, DUI, and immigration cases.
Recently, Cutler Bay resident Brandon Dowdy was sentenced for his joyride in a railroad locomotive. Dowdy will be placed on probation and will have to serve 100 hours of mandatory community service.  Currently, Dowdy is being held in county jail and was initially charged with first degree felony grand theft and burglary for the 7 mile joyride.
If you have a case to file in Miami-Dade County, you will probably be visiting the 11th Judicial Circuit Court which serves Miami-Dade County. Florida’s Circuit Courts have exclusive jurisdiction over mental health, probate, domestic relations, felony criminal cases, and appeals cases. Miami-Dade County combines circuit and county courts into one building. If you have pending misdemeanor charges, traffic, or small claims cases that do not exceed $5,000 then you will likely end up filing with the county court level.
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