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Since the 1920s, Culver City has been one of the major figures in the motion picture industry with many film companies building production studios and sets in the city. Many famous TV shows and motion pictures were filmed in Culver City, including Fun with Dick and Jane, as well as the nostalgic TV show The Wonder Years. In addition to its motion picture history, Culver City was also the headquarters for the Howard Hughes Aircraft Company up until 1985.

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With so much going on in Culver City, it is no wonder that there are so many talented Culver City lawyers who are eager to assist you in any legal situation that you may be involved in. These attorneys are versed in many areas of law including personal injury, product liability, DUI, tax, bankruptcy, intellectual property, real estate, civil rights, and more.

A Culver City attorney is currently representing the owner of a strip club in his suit against the city of San Diego. The lawsuit alleges that the police officer had been targeting the strip club for some time by exhibiting a pattern of harassment. On one specific night, the lawsuit alleges that the police served a search warrant on the club, shut it down and closed the bar. The Culver City lawyer is arguing that this was an abuse of power and harassment and is asking that the court award the club owner over $200,000 in lost business.

Culver City is served by the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, which is the largest court in the United States and has 50 different courthouses that serve the county. The court employs over 450 full time judges and hears 2.7 million cases every year. With such a diverse range of judges, it is important that you hire an attorney that is familiar and comfortable in such an imposing setting. A local Culver City lawyer fits that role perfectly.

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