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Learn More About Covina, CA

Located in Los Angeles County, the city of Covina has one of the busiest movie theatres in America. It is rumored that Covina got its name when one of the founders saw many vineyards in the San Gabriel Valley. Putting some words together, “cove of vineyards” became Covina, and thus the city got its name.

Covina CA Lawyers

The city of Covina is home to many talented Covina lawyers who are excited to assist you with any legal problem that you may have. These attorneys have a wealth of experienced and are skilled in many areas of law including personal injury, divorce, tax, bankruptcy, commercial real estate, and more.

A Covina man is currently on the run from the law after the district attorney’s office in Covina filed a felony complaint against him, alleging multiple counts of grand theft. In addition, at least a dozen families are expected to file civil lawsuits against the Covina man once he is found and arrested. The man made a listing to rent his three bedroom house and eventually got lease agreements with multiple families, all of which were supposed to move in to the house in early summer 2009. After collecting two months of rent from each family, the Covina man emptied his bank accounts and fled. The Covina house has been attached to the felony complaint so the man cannot sell it to another buyer.

Covina is served by the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, which is the largest court in the United States, and one of the busiest. With so much going on in this court, it is important that you hire an attorney that is familiar and comfortable in such an imposing setting. A Covina attorney can do just that for your case.

This is where can help you find the right attorney for your situation. Our free online legal matching service will match you to pre-screened Covina lawyers who have experience with your legal circumstances. We also provide you with a lot of other useful information such as attorney profiles and an extensive online legal library.

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