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There are 24,000 Cottage Lake residents in King County. Cottage Lake is not a city or town but rather a Census Designated Place which means that the name was bestowed upon an area’s population for statistical purposes. Cottage Lake residents are not subject to any city or town rules as a census designated place but rather are governed by King County and Washington State laws.

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A number of Cottage Lake locals are also lawyers who are familiar with local courts and their respective procedures. Lawyers in Cottage Lake take a variety of different cases including malpractice, bankruptcy, divorce, child custody, and real estate cases.

Recently in Cottage Lake, Thomas McMahon pleaded guilty to first-degree murder while on trial for second degree murder. McMahon’s first-degree murder charge comes from his role in strangling Roland Hanson while squatting in a Cottage Lake nursing home. Regina Padgett and Stanley Pegram are both implicated in the matter and are awaiting trial.

If you’re facing a legal issue in Cottage Lake, you will be visiting the King County Superior Court which is solely responsible for taking domestic relations, real property, probate, mental health, civil, criminal, juvenile, and appeals cases. Superior courts are the highest level trial court in Washington State with which to file. The U.S. Immigration Court in Seattle, Washington is responsible for hearing green card, visa, and other immigration issues.

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