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Rated the 27th best place to live in the USA by Money Magazine, Coral Springs is also one of the safest. The city began as a planned community in the 1960s, emerging out of what used to be a swamp. Florida’s ambitious drainage programs throughout the state have created thousands of miles of prime new real estate, giving rise to Coral Springs and many other attractive communities throughout Southern Florida.

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In order to maintain one of Florida’s best known and attractive cities, Coral Springs has very strict building codes and rules regarding the appearance of property. These rules ensure that Coral Springs remains a top destination not only for tourists, but for future residents.
Coral Springs lawyers can help you with criminal defense, bankruptcy, wills and trusts, real estate transactions, and any other legal issue you may be facing. Attorneys in Coral Springs are currently fighting a foreclosure action against large condo in the area. The condo developer, like many in the current economic slump, failed to keep up on a $30 million mortgage.
Coral Spring’s attorneys will know the various rules and procedures specific to the 17th Judicial District of Florida. Local lawyers will know local judges, court staff, and other Coral Springs legal practitioners. This kind of local experience could benefit you and your case in Coral Springs.
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