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Learn More About Conyers, GA

Located in the small county of Rockdale, Conyers is an important town in Georgian history. It was once the site of the well traveled Great Indian road, which delineated the border between the Creek and Cherokee Indians. White settlement began in the mid 1800s, and during the civil war the town of Conyers was remarkably spared during Sherman’s March to the Sea.

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Conyers lawyers can help with any legal issue you may be facing, including criminal defense, family law, real estate transactions, bankruptcy, and many more.

Attorneys in Conyers are fairly busy folks. The city is occasionally sued, and recently won a lawsuit concerning a local billboard in town. Lawyers for the city also successfully removed Conyers as a defendant from two other lawsuits filed against Conyers and other parties.

These cases and most others in Conyers begin in the Rockdale County Courthouse, located in Conyers. If you have a case in Conyers, you may be better served by a local Conyers attorney familiar with Rockdale County procedures, judges, attorneys, and court staff.

If you need help finding a qualified lawyer in Conyers, can help. Our service can match you to pre-screened Conyers lawyers at no cost to you. Simply tell us some basic information about your case, and our database will find attorneys specializing in your issue and who are ready to represent you. Our service is fast, free, and confidential.

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