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Learn More About Collier County, FL

With white sandy beaches and world class golf courses, Collier County is a great place to live and play. Whether you are traveling here for business or pleasure, Collier County has amazing opportunities to offer you. Whether it is enjoying the water park or watching a local baseball game, great times are had here.

Collier FL Lawyers

If you are involved in a lawsuit in Collier County, you should probably speak to one of the experienced Collier County lawyers. These attorneys can assist you in many areas of law such as personal injury, tax, bankruptcy, head trauma, medical malpractice, business, employment discrimination, contracts, DUI, criminal defense, and more.
Recently a Collier County woman decided to take a stand for her and her neighbors’ rights and filed a class action lawsuit against a local water company for failing to provide adequate drinking water. The woman had been a client of the water utility company for many years and had noticed the quality of the water declining. Then, a letter arrived at the Collier County woman’s home from the company warning her that the water the company was providing was over the legal limit on certain toxic chemicals that are known to case major health problems. To make matters worse, shortly after the letter arrived, the utility company was given approval to increase their base rates by 40%. Fed up, the Collier County woman filed suit against the company.
If you have a lawsuit in Collier County, you will probably have to argue your case in the Twentieth Judicial Circuit of Florida. A branch of this court is located in the Collier Government Complex in Naples. A local attorney can represent your legal interests in this court.
If you have been having a hard time finding the right Collier County lawyer for your case, could be the solution to your troubles. We are a unique website that provides you with a free legal matching service. After submitting some basic background about your case, attorneys who are skilled in the laws that apply to your case will contact you. Best of all, unlike other websites, LegalMatch will never pressure you into hiring any of the legal professionals that respond to your case.
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