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Colchester is a town in Chittenden County that offers boutique shops, movie theaters, and bowling lanes. Colchester was fourth in Vermont for retail sales which totaled $245.8 million.

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Colchester lawyers are familiar with local courts and take cases like: chapter 7 bankruptcy, felony criminal, wrongful termination, immigration visas, and estate administration. Lawyers in Colchester are qualified to consult you on any legal issue.

A Colchester policeman was recently dismissed as a result of an internal investigation which revealed ex-policeman Dale Trombley stopped a fellow Colchester officer Don Lilja for driving under the influence and let him go free. Trombley has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit in Chittenden Superior Court hoping to get reinstated.

If you are looking to file a lawsuit in Colchester, it’s likely you will file with the Chittenden County Superior Court which retains jurisdiction over tort, contract, real property, civil appeals, and small claims with a limit of $5,000. If you have a DUI case, the Chittenden District Court handles most criminal cases including felonies and retains exclusive jurisdiction over misdemeanor cases.

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