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Learn More About Chula Vista, CA

Chula Vista is a city in South San Diego County that is home to 227,000 Californians. The OnStage Playhouse is located in Chula Vista and is the only live theater in South Bay, San Diego. Chula Vista is a popular destination for tourists during the summer months because it is home to the Knotts Soak City water park.

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Aside from theaters and theme parks, Chula Vista is home to a number of talented lawyers. Lawyers in Chula Vista are familiar with representing clients with bankruptcy, divorce, wrongful termination, civil lawsuits, and criminal cases like DUI but Chula Vista lawyers also advise on many other cases as well.

Recently, Chula Vista resident Sammy Quach was charged with three counts of attempted premeditated murder, one count of burglary, and two counts of mayhem after he allegedly broke into his estranged ex-wife’s home with a knife. Quach allegedly attacked his ex-wife’s family with the knife which injured her brother and sister.

If you have criminal charges pending against you in Chula Vista, you will probably be summoned by the San Diego County Superior Court. California Superior Courts are the only trial level court with which to file in the state. They are responsible for hearing nearly every kind of case including domestic relations, civil, criminal, traffic, and probate cases.

The best method of making sure your case is handled correctly is by hiring a Chula Vista lawyer from LegalMatch. LegalMatch’s client-lawyer matching services are free and they also offer an outstanding Law Library and Legal Forums.

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