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Considered an “edge city” of Philadelphia, Cherry Hill and the surrounding area underwent massive growth after World War II. Today, Cherry Hill is the 13th largest city in New Jersey.

Cherry Hill lawyers can help you with any legal dilemma you may be facing. These include criminal law, bankruptcy, real estate law, personal injury law, family law, and many others.

A trial with significant political implications recently began in Cherry Hill. A local Cherry Hill lawyer has sued the mayor and the city, accusing them of firing her for political reasons. The suit is being watched by area power players, and could potentially reveal interesting details about Cherry Hill political machinations.

If you need a lawyer in Cherry Hill, you will want to retain a counselor who is experienced with the courts of the Cherry Hill Township and Camden Vicinage. A large number of cases begin in the Cherry Hill Municipal Court, which handles all criminal matters originating within Cherry Hill. Most other matters are handled at the county level in Camden courts.

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