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Chemung County is widely known as Mark Twain Country for the time the famous American author lived and wrote there. The 90,000 New York State residents who live in Chemung County enjoy its shopping, cultural, and historical attractions that are distributed across its 410 square miles.
A handful of Chemung County residents are New York State lawyers who are familiar with county and state courts. Lawyers in Chemung County admit a broad selection of cases, some typical examples encompass: child support, bankruptcy, malpractice, real estate, and criminal charges like DUI.
Recently in Chemung County, Elmira resident Edwin Soper was apprehended after allegedly breaking into a home. Police were alerted by a neighbor who called 911 and quickly apprehended Soper with (I’m being serious here) his pockets stuffed full of women’s underwear. The underwear was identified by the homeowner and Soper faces up to 15 years for his panty raid.
If you have a divorce or lawsuit to file in Chemung County, it’s likely that you will be visiting a New York State Court. The Chemung County Court handles cases like tort, contract, real property, civil, and some criminal cases while the Supreme Court is exclusively responsible for handling marriage dissolution cases among others.
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