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Charleston is the second-largest city in South Carolina, with about 118,400 residents; further, Charleston is the fastest-growing city in central South Carolina.  Charleston is also the biggest city in Charleston County, and serves as the county seat.  Charleston is home to many churches and has been nicknamed “The Holy City” as a result.  

Charleston SC Lawyers

Charleston attracts many tourists with its award-winning hotels, restaurants, and shopping.  Charleston is famous for its quaint, tree-lined streets, and historic pastel-tinted houses.  Charleston also contains the second-biggest container seaport on the East Coast and the fourth-biggest container seaport in North America.  Additionally, Charleston’s information technology and aerospace industries are experiencing rapid growth.   

Recently, South Carolina passed a law which makes it a misdemeanor to abandon a watercraft or outboard motor in public water or on public land.  The law applies to crafts that were stranded, wrecked, sunk, or moored, and have been left unsupervised for over 45 days.  Boats abandoned due to emergency circumstances are except from the law temporarily; however, they must be redeemed once the emergency is over.  Those found in violation will face fines of up to $5,000 and up to 30 days of jail time.  Additionally, owners must remove their crafts at their own expense within 14 days of being cited.

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