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Learn More About Central Valley

About the Central Valley, California

The Central Valley in California ontains some of the most fertile land in the United States and stretches about 400 miles from north to south. As one of the world’s most productive agricultural regions, the Central Valley produces over 8% of the United States’ agriculture output on less than 1% of U.S. farmland. Important cities in the Central Valley region include Stockton, Bakersfield, and Modesto.


The Central Valley isn’t all farms though; there are also many talented lawyers. Lawyers in the Central Valley take a mixed variety of cases including chapter 7 bankruptcy, child custody, auto accident, employment, and DUI cases.

In the News: Recently in the Central Valley, Jeffrey Rodriguez was accused of an armed robbery that he didn’t commit. After 5 years in prison, the case against Rodriguez has been dropped based on factual evidence and he will receive $1 Million in taxpayer money for his wrongful imprisonment which brings the total payout of wrongful convictions up to $4.6 million since 2005.

If you have a criminal case pending against you in the Central Valley, you will be visiting one of the California Superior Courts. These superior courts hears many different kinds of cases like family, criminal, real estate, tort, contract, and small claims cases to name a few. It’s best to consult a legal professional like a Central Valley lawyer if you have a case to file or charges like a DUI pending against you.

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