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Cedar Rapids is Iowa’s second biggest city, and is home to approximately 126,400 residents. Cedar Rapids rests on the banks of Cedar River, and is located within Linn County. Cedar Rapids is known throughout Iowa as an economic and cultural hub. Cedar Rapids is also unique in that its Linn County Courthouse and City Hall are located on a municipal island called Mays Island. 

Cedar Rapids IA Lawyers

Recently, Chaka Cavin and Jesse Alford, both of Cedar Rapids, made initial court appearances in Cedar Rapids. Cavin is charged with first-degree robbery, and Alford is charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. Cavin has faced multiple charges in the past, including ATM fraud and assault while displaying a dangerous weapon.
The Iowa court system is divided into district courts, appellate courts, and a supreme court. Most cases start in a district court, also known as a trial court. District courts have general jurisdiction over criminal, civil, juvenile, and probate cases. The Iowa Court of Appeals and the Iowa Supreme Court hear appeals from the district courts.  A reputable Cedar Rapids attorney will know which court is best equipped to hear your case. Cedar Rapids serves as the location for the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Iowa. In addition, the Cedar Rapids City Clerk’s Office issues Cedar Rapids permits and licenses, disseminates the Cedar Rapids Municipal Code and Ordinances to the public, and administers the Cedar Rapids government documentation.
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