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Learn More About Cedar City, UT

Home of the Utah Shakespeare Festival, Cedar City is one of the most beautiful places in the state. This festival draws many from around the country to watch plays in the Adams Shakespearean Theatre which is modeled after Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. In addition to the fantastic performing arts, Cedar City is surrounded by magnificent red rock formations and is just north of the famous Zion National Park.

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If you are involved in a lawsuit, or need to bring a lawsuit in Cedar City, there are many talented Cedar City lawyers available to take your case. These attorneys are skilled in areas of law such as bankruptcy, tax, real estate, family law, divorce, personal injury, employment, and many more.

A Cedar City attorney is currently representing a group of farm workers in their lawsuit against the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints. The suit stemmed from a property transaction made by the farm workers’ father who left the farm to the FLDS Church before his death, even though he made promises to his farm workers that they would get the farm when he died. The Cedar City lawyer contends that the farm workers acted in reliance on this promise by laboring and even building their homes on the profitable farm, only to be told by the FLDS leaders to get out. The case is being heard in the 5th District Court in Cedar City.

Cedar City is served by the 5th District Court which hears all civil and criminal felony cases, as well as certain misdemeanors. If you have a case in Cedar City, you will most likely report to this court. A local Cedar City lawyer will be most beneficial to your case because he or she has the insider’s knowledge about this court.

If you need help finding a local Cedar City attorney, look no further than LegalMatch, the premier online legal matching service. With just a few easy steps, you can find the right legal professional to represent you in your case. There is no point in delaying further; LegalMatch is here to help you.

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