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The City of Carrollton is one of the more progressive cities in the State of Texas. As a suburb of Dallas, Carrollton was one of the first cities in Texas to partner with RecycleBank, which promoted a 30% increase in recycling from Carrollton’s residents. RecycleBank in return offered Carrollton residents perks for joining the program, such as discounted membership rates to local clubs and free meals at local restaurants.

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Carrollton is also home to a number of talented Carrollton lawyers. If you are in need of legal services or advice, these attorneys are available and are knowledgeable in many areas of law such as divorce, bankruptcy, tax, personal injury, immigration, product liability, and more.

Recently, a Carrollton couple lost their lawsuit that they filed challenging a mandated one minute moment of silence each day. The couple was challenging the lawsuit as a violation of church and state because the mandated moment of silence was worded in a way to include prayer. The Carrollton couple lost their challenge because the courts found that the moment of silence did not mandate that the students pray, and that the moment of silence allowed the students to face the day in a structured manner that was beneficial to their education.

Carrollton is served by the 16th District Court of Texas which sits in the nearby city of Denton. This court hears both criminal and civil cases, and you will most likely have to report to this court if you have a lawsuit that arose in Carrollton. If so, you will want a talented Carrollton attorney to represent you.

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