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Learn More About Carmichael

Carmichael is a census designated place in Sacramento County. Although the population is less than 50,000, Carmichael is home to the Carmichael Park, a sprawling 38 acre area in town that has multiple baseball fields and tennis courts. As well, the Jensen Botanical Gardens are located in town.

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If you are facing legal charges that arose in Carmichael, you should probably consider talking to one of the experienced Carmichael lawyers in the area. These attorneys can represent you in many areas of law including divorce, alimony, contracts, employment discrimination, personal injury, DUI, criminal defense, tax, and more.

A Carmichael company was named as a plaintiff in a lawsuit against a company that deals with credit card numbers. The suit was filed because the defendant company may have exposed nearly 40 million credit card numbers to fraud, and it did not even contact the credit card holders. The Carmichael company and another plaintiff filed suit against the company, but they are not seeking any damages apart from legal fees. The plaintiffs just want a court order that would make the credit card company tell its consumers that their credit card numbers may have been compromised.

When your lawsuit arose in Carmichael, you will be filing your legal complaint in the Superior Court of California County of Sacramento. This court hears both civil and criminal cases. There are many local rules that this court follows, and a local Carmichael lawyer can make sure that your case follows all of them.

If you have been struggling to find the right Carmichael attorney for your situation, LegalMatch is here to help. We offer you a unique online legal matching service that can pair you up with a great local attorney in a matter of hours. Best of all, this service is entirely free to you!

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