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Buncombe County was formed in 1791 and today its nearly 250,000 residents enjoy national protected areas like the Blue Ridge Parkway and Pisgah National Forest. Buncombe County also issues a biannual magazine with statistics, phone contact information, and county services like added bus lines and public pools that are open to the public.
As such a standout community, Buncombe County is unsurprisingly called home by a number of lawyers who are familiar with local county and state courts. Buncombe County lawyers advise on a wide variety of cases including bankruptcy, divorce, real estate, personal injury, and estate administration.
Buncombe County was recently named in a wrongful death lawsuit by the living relatives of Marvis Gail Davidson. Davidson was allegedly denied medical care for her diabetes while incarcerated in Buncombe County, which allegedly caused her death despite her many vocal attempts to receive medical attention. Davidson’s family is seeking a court trial, $30,000 in damages, plus court costs and attorney fees on the basis that her rights as a prisoner and citizen were violated.
If you are thinking about going to court in Buncombe County, you will have to figure out with which court and division you are required to file. Divorces and other domestic relations issues like child custody are heard by the 28th Judicial District Court and file with the Family Division. The district courts also retain exclusive jurisdiction over juvenile, mental health, and small claims cases that do no exceed $5,000. Criminal charges are likely to summon you to the Buncombe County Superior Court.
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