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Learn More About Brooklyn Park, MN


Brooklyn Park is one of the larger suburbs of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area and lies just upstream from the area. Brooklyn Park is well known for being the home of the Edinburgh USA Golf Course as well as a campus of the Hennepin Technical College. The former Major League Baseball player Kirby Puckett used to live in Brooklyn Park in the early parts of his career with the Minnesota Twins.
If you need legal advice in Brooklyn Park, there are a number of talented Brooklyn Park lawyers that are available to assist you. These attorneys are skilled in many areas of law including personal injury, automobile accidents, DUI, criminal defense, divorce, child custody and more.
A Brooklyn Park man was recently arrested in Texas after a joint effort by state and federal law enforcement. The Brooklyn Park man was a suspect in a murder and assault case that occurred in a sports bar in Brooklyn Park. The man was hunted for over two months and was eventually found in Texas. Another man wanted in the slaying was also arrested recently in Florida.
Brooklyn Park is served by the Fourth Judicial District Court of Minnesota. This is a court of general jurisdiction, meaning it can hear any type of case that comes before it. In addition, this court is the state’s largest trial court and handles over 800,000 cases every year, which is why it is frequently visited by Minneapolis lawyers. A local Brooklyn Park attorney who knows the workings of this court can be a boost for your lawsuit.
Many times, clients in Brooklyn Park often wait too long to find a lawyer to represent their interests in a lawsuit. Waiting too long can result in your case being dismissed for missing the filing deadlines. Don’t risk losing your case before it even starts. If you visit today, you can be matched up with a qualified local lawyer within a few days. Additionally, if you would like to research your case by yourself, you can visit our LegalCenter to read more about the laws that apply to your situation.
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