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Bridgeview is part of the Chicago Metropolitan Area and is incorporated within the boundaries of Cook County. The area is well-known because of native Brent Bowers, who plays for the Baltimore Orioles. Bridgeview is home to the Chicago Fire, a Major League Soccer team and their stadium, Toyota Park, where many concerts are held during the summer.Another popular attraction is Harlem Avenue.  Harlmen Avenue is known for its array of ethnic grocery stores, hookah lounges, Arab restaurants and grocery stores, and small Middle Eastern sweet shops. 

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With its proximity to Chicago, Midway Airport, and Lake Michigan, you shouldn’t be surprised to find out that Bridgeview lawyers in Cook County. Lawyers in Bridgeview are able to assist you with a variety of legal issues, including employment disputes, divorces, DUI, personal injury, real estate and more.

Recently in Bridgeview, the state of Illinois filed a consumer protection lawsuit on behalf of an elderly woman and others similarly situated who were tricked into buying cars they didn’t need from a car dealership. The lead plaintiff, a 78 year old woman, did not have a driver’s license as a result of her poor vision. If the lawsuit is successful, the dealership will face fines up to $60,000 per fraudulent deal.

If you are planning on filing in Bridgeview you will likely be filing with the Cook County Circuit Court which is the largest of the 22 circuit courts in Illinois. The circuit court is divided into three departments: municipal, county, and the juvenile justice and child protection departments.  Bridgeview is in the Fifth Municipal District and is presided over by the Honorable David P. Sterba. It is important that you follow the procedures of the Cook County Municipal Court in Bridgeview to ensure a speedy trial. A local attorney can help you with this legal process.

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