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Bonita Springs calls itself “the gateway to the gulf” but the majority of Floridians know it as the home to a number of great beaches. Naples Zoo at Carribbean Gardens, Babcock Wilderness Adventures, and Speedy Johnson’s airboat rides through the Everglades are just a few Bonita Springs Attractions.

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Although Bonita Springs has a moderate population of 40,000, the city is home to some outstanding layers who know the local courts well. Lawyers in Bonita Springs counsel clients on a broad selection of cases, some examples include: bankruptcy, divorce, child support, immigration, and criminal cases like drug charges and DUI.
Recently, Bonita Springs native James R. Batson who had been an art dealer as well as the former curator at Jamali Fine Arts was named in a lawsuit alleging that he stole $700,000 from Lionel and Etta Smith. The Smiths believed they were purchasing works by artsists like Changall and Picasso but never received most and the few that they did receive were obvious fakes. The lawsuit alleges that Batson issued fake Tiger Woods endorsements, falsified provenance documents and Sotheby’s appraisals in addition to inventing transactions, pretending to have cancer, and never delivering goods promised to clients. The summation of his work violated the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act which could land him both prison time and heavy fines.
If you have a lawsuit to file in Bonita Springs, you will probably be visiting the Lee County Court or the Twentieth Judicial Circuit Court. County courts in Florida har responsible for handling misdemeanor, small claims, and traffic cases whereas Florida circuit courts retain exclusive jurisdiction over domestic relations, felony, juvenile, mental health, probate, and civil appeals cases. Since filing and litigation can be very daunting and time comsuming, it’s often best to consult a loval Vonita Springs lawyer.
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